Paul Baptist (kaji_sensei) wrote in lingwiki,
Paul Baptist

Favorite false friends?

Welcome to this week's collaboration project on LingWiki! This week's theme is false friends!

Just about every student of language at some point or another tries to use words from their native language when they need a word they don't know in another language. In many cases they can land a word that's about on the mark, in other cases they end up with something that's completely opposite of or unrelated to their intended meaning, and perhaps even offensive. I know someone who, on top of already having made a couple other mistakes while speaking Spanish, had to further clarifiy he wasn't pregnant to boot when he accidentally said that he was "embarazado".

This week's collaboration is about pulling together some of your favorites to share. If you have stories to go with them, all the better!

Thanks to all who contribute!
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